A Message From Pastor Steve

Timing is everything. Think about it. We can make a baby laugh over and over again by timing our “peek-a-boo” face hiding gestures in such a way that it triggers laughter. Jokes are funny because of the timing and delivery, not simply their content. Missions to space require precise timing or else there could be problems. Timing is everything.

One of the greatest things about Jesus time on Earth was the timing of it all. The Bible gives us evidence that the timing of Jesus’ birth and life was God’s plan through and through. One of the most fascinating aspects to me were the plots and attempts to silence and end Jesus work but they all failed because it was not in God’s timing. All of the Gospels tell stories of plots to kill Jesus but none of them were successful. In Luke 4:30-32 there was an attempt to kill Jesus “but He walked through the crowd and went His own way.’ It wasn’t God’s time for Jesus yet. One word for you today – God has this kind of plan and this sort of timing for all of His children. This is very comforting.

This month let’s keep in focus that Christ dying on a cross and being raised on the third day is only because God’s timing caused it to happen exactly when it happened. Praise be to God!

Happy Easter! Pastor Steve