A Message From Pastor Steve


This June we look forward to many things at our church.

First – we are beginning to open again, slowly and planfully, after a couple of months meeting online. It is exciting to get back to what we do as Christians and that is gathering to worship.
Meeting online and seeing each other on social media will never be replaced by in person, face to face interactions.

We also look forward to Father’s day. We honor those men who are in the role of father in our lives and I acknowledge that those experiences are all across the spectrum from great to not so great.
Whatever that may be for you the reader just remember that we have our heavenly Father who is good, loving, and cares for you. We celebrate and honor Him every day!

Finally, we continue to pray and plan for the future of our church.
The merger planning was challenging during the past few months but we are hopeful to ramp that back up in June and let you all know some updates.

Psalm 122:1 – I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”

See you soon at 7th and Russell!

Pastor Steve