A Message From Pastor Steve


In July we observe and celebrate, as citizens of America, a document that established our country’s freedom from another. The founders of our country desired freedom and wrote The Declaration Of Independence dated July 4, 1776.

God desired freedom for His people. God’s freedom was a release from the shackles and bonds of sin. To accomplish this, God sent His Son to free us from the devastating effects of sin. The truth is that Jesus stood in our place to account for our sin and therefore set us free. Jesus went on to say in John 8:36, “If the Son sets you free, you really will be free.”We are free indeed!

As a country we celebrate the freedom of a country once a year. As Christians, we celebrate the freedom that Jesus provides each and every day. I encourage all of us to intentionally think about this truth daily.

Looking forward to seeing you all in July!

Pastor Steve