A Message From Pastor Steve


We have had a mild winter and almost no snow to speak of. For some, this is disappointing, for others, it is an answered prayer. For me, I would like to have had one good disrupting and sled worthy snow but also am thankful that a dangerous drive to get to work did not have to happen…Now we focus on spring.

Spring means that trees get leaves and flowers bloom. It means the days get longer and the time changes to make the most of the sunshine. Schools take spring break and people start taking care of their lawns. For us as Christians, we begin to focus on Resurrection Day, Easter!

The journey that Christ had on earth was always towards the cross. That is, the entire time he walked the earth in human form, he was moving towards his purpose of dying on the cross. In every teaching, preaching, and healing he moved closer to His purpose that was God’s plan. I cannot imagine how that could have weighed on his mind from moment to moment and I feel confident in
saying that Jesus prayed so much because he knew what was awaiting Him at the end of the journey. Thanks be to God that Jesus stayed on that journey and secured salvation for us!

For March, let’s focus on this aspect of Jesus life on earth – that He journeyed towards the cross in all He did to secure our salvation! Matthew 20:28 – “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life—a ransom for many.”


Pastor Steve